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The BIM Consultant

A division of Ariston Consulting Group

The BIM Consultant

A division of Ariston Consulting Group

We provide BIM consulting services for

Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Developers

to assist with their digital transformation

– based out of Vancouver, Canada –


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We work with the following sectors



Schools, cegeps, colleges, universities and institutes



Corporations, partnerships and joint ventures



Federal, provincial, municipal and crown corps



Groups, foundations, organizations and clubs

Why choose us as your BIM partner

We provide expertise

We support teams

We catalyze change

We provide objectivity

We influence leaders

No hire onboarding

No vacation days

No employee benefits

No corporate politics

No work downtime

We speak English.

We are delighted to serve you in English with excellent oral and written communication skills. This includes presentations, reports, emails, meetings, training, technical support and more in English – in person, by phone or online.

On parle le Français.

Nous sommes ravis de vous servir en Français avec d’excellentes compétences en communication orale et écrite. Cela inclut des présentations, des rapports, des courriels, des réunions, des formations, du support et plus en Français – en personne ou en ligne.

Our principal BIM consultant: Tarek Ghazzaoui, Eng.

I am a senior BIM Manager and the Principal BIM Consultant at The BIM Consultant. I have extensive hands-on experience in BIM and design technology since 2010 and a keen interest in business management, change management and innovation.

My BIM experience is centered around helping AEC firms in Canada and the United States manage change and navigate evolving markets. With the support of corporate leadership, I can guide the successful digital transformation of your organization, so you can capitalize on it as a leading competitive advantage.

I am genuinely interested in your success. 

Tarek accumulated

years in BIM

Tarek worked on

projects in BIM

Tarek dealt with

clients with BIM

Tarek worked on

projects in BIM

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